Overview of Partner Participation 

Cyclomedia’s mobile imagery and LiDAR solution is a proven and scalable solution that provides the highest accuracy and most efficient operational solution over aerial, drones, backpacks and fielding techniques.  The Area of Interest is primarily accessible from public roads and right of ways.  The advantage for using our solution relies on the consistent delivery of high-quality imagery, LiDAR and analytics at scale from our fleet of capture vehicles for the vast majority of the program.  Based on the assumptions of 5% for New Jersey and 20% Long Island for off road, we estimate our standard solution can cover 89% of the AOI. 



On Road : Off Road Distribution

For the portion of non-road accessible circuits, Cyclomedia relies on partner capture solutions to fill that gap. By using partners, we leverage organizations that have a singular focus on their particular area of expertise.  Based on our assumptions we estimate this to be 11% of the AOI. 

Pie Chart v2

Overview of Partner Solutions to Cover the 11% Gap

Cyclomedia partner solutions are used as best in class supplemental tool, based on the area, type of off road gap and workflow or work process requirement. 



Graph v1


To visualize the trade-offs of our partner solutions we have mapped these on a quadrant with the X axis represented as accuracy and the Y axis represented as operational efficiency. As a rule the more efficient the lower the cost, the less efficient the higher the cost.
The Cyclomedia On-Road solution gets the top right quadrant, (Green Circle) providing the highest operational efficiency by traveling public roads at posted speeds. And the highest accuracy for both imagery (100 megapixel) and LiDAR (up to 250 points per sq meter). The supplemental partner solutions are measured and plotted in the other quadrants. Traditional fielding is also an option, where the technology solutions are unworkable or too difficult to execute. The great news about this visualization is we are only trying to solve for 11% of the solution with partners!

Overview of How Partner Solutions Fit into the Process Flow

Cyclomedia Partner solutions directly align to mobile capture and analytics workflows. We convert third party capture imagery and LiDAR into out extraction format that directly imports into the Insights360 analytics platform used for our standard GeoCycloramas. By doing this, we provide a consistent output, quality, controlled to meet the customer requirement, but allowing for different scanning technologies to complete circuits and areas of interest.
The green flow boxes represent Cyclomedia technology and solutions. Partner solutions flow directly to the work output result, with the Street Smart viewer used to visualize 89% of the captured imagery over 22,800 miles of circuits. Third party imagery may be viewed using Esri platform tools or other standard third party viewers that may be linked into the workflows.

Flow Chart

Partner Solution Summary 

Cyclomedia utilizes partner capabilities to supplement our scalable, efficient and highly accurate mobile capture solution.  The benefits to PSEG are: 

    •   Multiple options to use the best tool for the specific use case or field condition.

    •   A single analytics platform that streamline the various anomalies of 3rd party data capture. 

    •   Flexible work flow and visualization capabilities to empower users to easily access data for their job requirements.

The best-in-class partner assessment process to determine the approach to the 11% solution is to perform analysis on the PSEG circuit network, against the accessible right of ways used for mobile capture.  The Pilot Area and project in 2021 may be used for operational and accuracy discovery, to get to a final answer for the most cost efficient and easiest operational execution required for the result needed for the entire AOI in 2022.