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Cyclomedia’s Vegetation Management analytics use the customer's parameters to identify critical and non-critical vegetation encroachments on the distribution network. These analytics provide a detailed dataset of the vegetation positioned along the roadside surrounding conductors and other critical assets.
This technology is highly accurate and efficient compared to traditional inspection methods. The results will provide a quantitative record of poles, conductor line, and vegetation required for removal for Routine Compliance and Enhanced (EVM) Risk Reduction programs.

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Cyclomedia Data Analytics

Vegetation Analytics


The outer most bounds of the primary overhead distribution lines are first collected. The Vegetation Analysis tools use these lines as a basis for detection.

Radial Encroachments

Radial Hazard Encroachment Analysis identifies vegetation within a given 360° radial search radius ‘buffer’ around all extracted conductor lines.

Vertical Encroachments

Vertical Hazard Encroachment Analysis identifies vegetation directly above conductor lines at risk of falling down onto wires.


Fuel Load Rating

Fuel load rating (FLR) is used to measure the vegetation density along the collected distribution network. This can be visualized as a heat map to quickly determine high risk areas of focus. The FLR analysis is broken into 3 levels: High, Moderate and Low. The density rating is on a 0 to 1 decimal rating system with 0 being low vegetation density and 1 being high vegetation density.

Lacking a comprehensive and up-to-date inventory of assets can cost your organization time and resources. Cyclomedia provides a cost effective method of systematic data collection. Anything visible from the roadway can be collected and extracted to monitor, analyze and document existing conditions along the road. Some of our other common use cases for extracted assets include:

Pole Engineering

  • Cyclomedia’s extensive data dictionary combines automated processes with skilled analysis to deliver actionable results faster and at lower costs than traditional field walk-outs
  • These results can easily be integrated into the leading structural analysis software and all major GIS platforms

Condition Assessment

  • Cyclomedia's 100 MP imagery allows for current asset condition to be easily assessed
  • We can mobilize quickly to capture post-storm data that provides insight into ground conditions and creates a source of truth record

Attachment Audit

  • Having up to date information on pole ownership and pole attachments can help a utility manage attachment requests and recover considerable revenue associated with billable attachments

Data Capture & Analytics Cycle

CMT Analytics Pipeline